Beginners and experienced practitioners

Get months of training crammed into 5 intensive days!

The Krav Maga Summer camp in Norway is an annual international event hosted by Krav Maga Global Norway. The camp is open for participants from all Krav Maga organizations and new Krav Maga trainees!


Come and train for 5 days with beginners and experienced practitioners - get months of training crammed into 5 intensive days!

Have fun and meet new friends you will surely meet again during other Krav Maga Global events!


Camp Norway 2022


Open to all levels: Beginners to Graduate and Expert level.

P - G - E level: All levels well taken care of; training together and being divided into groups. 



Detailed focus on the new KMG curriculum

All levels will get lots of focus - every day!

Both beginners and P-G-E levels will get lots of attention! All participants will train together on specific topics and they will also get separate training every day!





Numerous Expert and Graduate instructors

Rune Lind, Expert 5 and part of the KMG Global Instructor Team, is accompanied by numerous Expert and Graduate instructors you will get to know during the camp!



Testing for all P and G levels

Both students and instructors may test for their next level - up to G5!

You need a written permission from your instructor, you must pass the time requirements between the levels and of course be well prepared.



We have put a lot of time into organising so you will have the best possible camp experience.

After reserving your slot you will receive an info package:

- the training location (Krav Maga Academy Oslo / Oslo Fight Center) and how to get there
- hotel deal (we even help you finding a roomie if you want to share room and expenses with another participant)
- cinemas, restaurants, sightseeing etc.

- As the camp dates close in, you will also receive the camp itinerary so you in advance have a good idea what will happen (and when) during the camp.

Food service

Why waste time looking for a lunch meal when you feel you need to relax in stead?
We will provide an option of preordering healthy and tasty lunch meals to ensure you get your food quickly so you may rest as much as possible when lunch time comes. You will appreciate this more and more as the training days go by :-)


Massage/ fysiotherapist on demand
We will have an in-house massage fysiotherapist ready to work on those sore and aching bodies throughout the camp, conveniently available at the training location. Heaven!


Camp dinner

One evening we will arrange a big social get-together for great food and socializing. 


This is a truly unique Krav Maga camp - join us! 

Limited number of slots to ensure great quality! 




rune lindRune Lind, Expert 5,
Global Instructor Team
Anders Hilling, Expert 3
Børge Eliassen, Expert 3
Mariusz Zych, Expert 2


erik hagen
Eirik Hagen, Expert 1
Laila Skorpen, Expert 1
Øystein Pedersen, Graduate 4
Iltaf Sahraoui, Graduate 4


Hans Marius Martinsen, Graduate 5
Linn Haraldsvik, Expert 1


…. and many, many more!