Beginners and experienced practitioners

Get months of training crammed into 5 intensive days!

Krav Maga Camp Norway 2022


A truly unique Krav Maga camp


Wednesday 5th October - Sunday 9th October 2022

  • 5 great days of Krav Maga training.

  • NEWS: WE HAVE OPENED FOR DAY PASSES!Dagsprogram Krav Maga Camp 
    • Don´t have time for all five days? Use the day pass option for up to three days!
    • More info: Signing up for the camp
  • Open for all: Beginners to Expert level.
  • Learn and understand the changes of the new KMG curriculum
  • Separate training for all levels - beginner to advanced!
  • Testing for all P and G levels - also for instructors



Detailed review of the new KMG curriculum

- P and G levels!



rune lindMain instructor:
Rune Lind, Expert 5, Global Instructor Team and many G and E level instructors




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Unique program - limited slots available to ensure quality!


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rune lindRune Lind, Expert 5,
Global Instructor Team
Anders Hilling, Expert 3
Børge Eliassen, Expert 3
Mariusz Zych, Expert 2


erik hagen
Eirik Hagen, Expert 1
Laila Skorpen, Expert 1
Øystein Pedersen, Graduate 4
Iltaf Sahraoui, Graduate 4


Hans Marius Martinsen, Graduate 5
Linn Haraldsvik, Expert 1


…. and many, many more!