Why you should come!

Why you should come!

Do like Liam Neeson: Use your particular set of skills to avoid being Taken...

Master 1, Rune Lind
, and his team of highly experienced Expert level instructors will make sure you have a great time learning new skills and improving your basics.

Train in a fantastic gym experience outdoor Krav Maga sessions in Oslo fighting to avoid being kidnapped as well as helping others!‍

Unique program

Both beginners and advanced practitioners are well taken care of.

Expert and Graduate instructors

Rune Lind, Master 1 and part of the KMG Global Instructor Team, is accompanied by Expert and Graduate instructors who will take care of you during the camp!

Testing for all P and G levels

Students and instructors may test for their next level - up to G5!

You need a written permission from your instructor, you must pass the time requirements between the levels and of course be well prepared.

Great organising -
comfortable for you!

Receive nice info package

Food service

Preorder healthy and tasty lunch meals to ensure you get your food quickly and may rest as much as possible when lunch time comes. You will appreciate this more and more as the training days go by :)

Camp dinner

One evening we will arrange a social get-together for great food and socialising.

Massage /
fysiotherapist on demand

We will have an in-house massage fysiotherapist ready to work on those sore and aching bodies throughout the camp, conveniently available at the training location. Heaven!

This is a unique Krav Maga camp - Join us!
Lots of personal feedback = a better YOU